British Passports sold on the dark web for £750

British Passport

“Hunting down terrorists using the stolen passports bought on the dark web is becoming impossible”, the European union police agency head warns.

Europol Director Rob Wainwright said under the investigation reveals that the British passports are sold on the dark web for as little as £750. If this persists then national security is at the potential risk.

Researchers uncovered that they are using valid ID’s that have been phished from victims all around the world that why people prefer VPN to surf anonymously and protect themselves in dark web.

Most Anonymous sellers have even listed to match the real stolen passports with almost similar looking criminals and they mostly travel by Ship rather than Air since the security is very lavish near the borders.

Mr Wainwright said: ‘We are concerned about the way in which the dark net has evolved into a huge underground criminal environment.’

He also stressed about the underground marketplaces for finding items that include drugs, guns, CP(Child Pornography) and now stolen identities.

It is acting as a dark eBay for criminals and terrorists. He said,”It means criminals and terrorists acquire criminal goods in a more secure way, making it harder … to see what is going on and who is doing it.”

HM Passport Office’s delivery firm DX has lost 1,291 passports since 2011, according to figures unearthed by the Liberal Democrats and hundreds of passports never reach the respected recipient that are dispatched by the governments.

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