How Is Contemporary Jihad Illegitimate?

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Why Jihad carried out today is not sanctioned by God.
Main points:
-Prophet Mohammad did not ever make the decision to enter into Jihad, no matter what the circumstances. He waited for God’s commandment. When Prophet Mohammad never waged a war without God’s command, how can a group of Muslims wage war based on their own understanding and call it Jihad?

-Jihad is only initiated when a religion is new. There only a few followers of a new religion and if they are killed, the religion dies with them. Islam is 1438 years old. Muslims can be under attack, but not Islam. Today, you cannot die in the name of God; God doesn’t want it.

-When Islam was safe, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Let’s move forward to greater Jihad (to fight against your inner evil) from smaller Jihad (fight with the sword).’

-Ibn Taymiyyah was the first Muslim scholar to say that Prophet Mohammad was wrong to move towards the greater Jihad (of fighting against inner evil). To say Prophet Mohammad’s opinion on the greater Jihad was wrong, Ibn Taymiyyah presented two verses from the Quran and said that the Quran is greater. Ibn Taymiyyah, who rejected Prophet Mohammad’s opinion on Jihad, is who Wahhabis follow. 99% of scholars in his time declared him a heretic.

-Jihad is history because Islam is not under attack. Europe, Canada and the United States of America are under attack by radical Muslims.

Full Text 

A thought is being put in the minds of people that martyrdom is greater than worship.

Religion begins with worship; anyone can worship. Martyrdom is greater than worship. Love is greater than martyrdom. Rapturous love is greater than love.

You do not have the authority to choose any of these four options on your own accord. You can only do one thing of your own accord, which is worship. You can only become a martyr when God needs martyrs.

In the Battle of Badr, Prophet Mohammad only had 313 people. Some had swords and some didn’t. There were only a few horses and donkeys. They were not prepared for war. This is the background information of the Battle of Badr.

Prophet Mohammad was not willing to wage a war against infidels of Mecca. When he heard that a thousand men with weapons, armoury, riding on horseback were coming towards Medina to attack on the Prophet and Muslims, in their self-defence, they were dragged into this war.

Every time the Prophet Mohammad’s uncle, Amir Hamza, requested the Prophet and told him about the intentions of his really emotional followers, Prophet Mohammad simply said, ‘No. I will wait for the commandment of God.’ Once they received commandment from God, they waged a war.

In Islam, even Prophet Mohammad did not initiate a war out of his own desire or understanding. Although, if he had initiated a war, it would be quite legitimate because he was in a position to decide on behalf of the Muslim nation.

How can a Muslim group of people justify initiating a war without receiving any commandment from God?

They are not able to receive any commandment from God. God does not look at their faces; God is not even aware of them. They are waging a war which is neither endorsed by Prophet Mohammad, nor the religion of Islam. Whether or not it is endorsed by God is out of the question..

The status of martyrdom is granted by God. This decision is taken by God. God will command the custodians of the religion to initiate a war, not every individual.

Initiating a war on behalf of Islam is not legitimate. The commandment must come from God. If it has not come from God, one cannot initiate a war and call it Jihad.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi initiates the hearts of sinners so that, towards the end times, they can support Imam Mehdi. In a similar way, when a religion is under attack, God does not want you to go in the mosque and engage yourself in worship. God wants you to protect the religion. If you offer prayer in the mosque and don’t want to defend your religion, the enemy will come, destroy your mosque and kill you. Therefore, martyrdom is greater than worship. But that happens when your religion is under attack.

The religion is only under attack when the religion is newly established.

The religions which were established one thousand or two thousand years ago are well-established. Even if one portion of Muslims or Jews are killed, this will have no effect on the spiritual welfare of the religion. The religion is not going to be destroyed.

If a religion is newly established and it only has a few followers and they are killed, the religion is gone. Jihad is only initiated when the religion is new.

Islam is 1438 years old. Muslims can be under attack, not the religion of Islam. You cannot die in the name of God because God does not want you to die in the name of God.

The time for Jihad is over. This is why Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Let’s move forward to greater Jihad from smaller Jihad (Jihad with the Sword).’ That was the time when Prophet Mohammad announced there would be no Jihad with the sword.

Ibn Taymiyyah was the first of Muslim scholars who disputed Prophet Mohammad’s opinion of moving towards greater Jihad. What Ibn Taymiyyah did was present two verses of the Quran. He said that the Quran is greater than Prophet Mohammad. That is why Wahhabis follow Ibn Taymiyyah. 99% of scholars of Ibn Tamiyyah’s time declared him to be a heretic – and Abdul Wahhab Najadi, the founder of Wahhabism, declared Ibn Taymiyyah to be a Sheikh ul Islam. Ibn Taymiyyah’s book is blasphemous.

Jihad is history. Islam is not under attack. Europe, the United States of America and Canada are under attack by radical Muslims. The radical Muslims are dreaming of becoming world leaders. They are after power and they want world dominion. This will never turn into reality.

The greater Jihad is to fight against your own devil, the Subtlety of Nafs (Self) inside you – without which you cannot become a Momin (true believer).

Jihad with the sword is only valid when the religion is still in the process of establishment. After the religion is established, there is no need for Jihad with arms and ammunition. Smaller Jihad which is carried out with a weapon is a war in which you fight against the enemies of the religion. The greater Jihad is to fight your enemy, which is inside you.

Jihad with a weapon is only valid when the religion is still new and there is a likelihood that the enemies of that religion would want to finish it off, therefore you need Jihad. Now, Islam has expanded. It has spread. It is not under attack.

Humanity is under attack right now.

Iran, on an international level, maintains to say that Imam Mehdi, the 12th Imam, will turn everybody into Muslims and the teachings of the Quran will prevail.

But there is a narration in a book called Al Ghayba. According to this narration, ‘Imam Mehdi will implement a new commandment, a new book and a new custom. Imam Mehdi will introduce a new way of punishing the sinners.’

It is up to Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi will say, ‘You don’t want to do it anymore. I set you all free.’

Furthermore, the narration says, ‘Imam Mehdi will be harsh on the Arabs.’

This is in the book from Iran, Al Ghayba, about Imam Mehdi: Imam Mehdi will introduce new book, new system of punishment, new custom and a new religion.

Why is Iran saying that Imam Mehdi will introduce Islam all over the world? They are contradicting themselves with what they believe in.

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