ISIS ON: Al-Qaida in Syria and the Sahawat factions

by ansarukhilafah-



All praise is due to Allah. May blessings and peace be upon Allah’s Messenger. To proceed:

Allah SWT said, “And as such We detail the signs, and to make clear the way of the criminals” (Al-An’am 55).

The Organization of al-Qa’idah in Syria (“Jabhat an-Nusrah”) and those with it of militant factions who fight the Islamic State are tawaif mumtani’ah bi-shawkah ‘an tahkim shar’ Allah (groups forcefully resisting the implementation of the Shari’ah of Allah) who have assisted the apostates who aim at establishing a “democratic civic” state of kufr. They fight together in one trench against an Islamic state, which no one doubts rules by the Shari’ah, instigate others to fight against it by all means, and strive to displace its authority from the land, in order to replace the Shari’ah of Allah, which it upholds, with Jahili laws and man-made rulings. All of this is under the cover of the Crusader campaign against the Islamic Khilafah. These nawaqid (nullifiers of Islam) and others have been committed by all of the factions who attribute themselves to the Shari’ah and jihad, while remaining in the camp of the apostates who fight the army of the Khilafah. They did not withdraw and declare their disassociation from them and from their kufr, rather, they entered into their alliances and supported them.

Leaving no room for any doubts, the Islamic State has made the ruling of the Shari’ah regarding these factions clear, that they are apostate groups who have openly committed kufr and whose condition has become apparent, in a way that establishes hujjah (proof) and severs any doubt an ignorant person might have. This includes what is found in the public announcement released by the Delegated Committee as N7-21 on the 8th of Rabi’ Awwal, 1437. As such, it will not be accepted that any of our troops desist from making takfir of these individuals whom we fight and who fight us for the Shari’ah of Allah. Any of them – of the troops of the State – who does not make takfir of these factions and whose case is raised to the emir of his division will be summoned and what is alleged against him will be confirmed, and the condition of these factions will be explained to him if he is ignorant thereof; then, if he abstains (from takfir) after clarification, he will be transferred to the court for istitabah (for the court to demand the soldier’s repentance or otherwise – if he refuses to repent – for him to be punished for apostasy).


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