Al Qa’idah’s 7 step Strategy for a Global Caliphate by 2020

Revolution 2011-2020+………..Osama Bin Laden had a dream when he was a child, only 10 years old, that he would go to Khurasan (Afghanistan), and lead an army all the way to Jerusalem…



Chapter 4:

  •  Stage 1: Inciting America into many wars. (Done)
  • Stage 2: Awakening the umma (muslim nation) from its sleep. (Done)
  • Stage 3: Confronting NATO in Iraq, Syria and Jordan. (Waiting after Syria civil war.)
  • Stage 4: al-Qa’idah is a global network, easy to join. (Done)
  • Stage 5: US military budget is crashed into bankruptcy and American economic meltdown. (In process).
  • Stage 6: Overthrow of the hated Arab regimes. (Waiting, done in some places of the ‘Arab Spring’.)
  • Stage 7: Armageddon (MalaaHim) battles begin. (Waiting)

Abdel Bari Atwan ( is a Muslim Arab journalist and author who received an email from Al Qa’idah (AQ) in 2005. The email showed “Al-Qa’ida’s strategy to 2020 “, which contained 7 “stages” towards a world Islamic caliphate.

Abdel Bari Atwan, author of After Bin Laden – al Qa’idah, the Next Generation (

Abdel Bari Atwan says;

Stage 1: The first stage – and Osama bin Laden told me this when I met him in 1996 – was to ‘Provoke the ponderous American elephant into invading Muslim lands where it would be easier for the mujahideen (Muslim fighters) to fight them.’

This of course, has been under way since October 2001 when US troops occupied Afghanistan in retaliation for 9/11, and then invaded Iraq to 2003.

Stage 2: ‘The Muslim nation (the umma) wakes from its slumbers and is enraged at the sight of a new generation of ‘crusaders’ intent on occupying large parts of the Middle East and stealing its valuable resources. The umma arms itself and organises widespread jihad.’

The seeds of hatred towards America that Al Qaeda was banking on were planted when the first bombs dropped on Baghdad in 2003. When the Iraqi insurgency began, thousands of recruits from all over the Muslim world flocked to join the fight, and continue to offer themselves to the growing list of jihadi causes. Western economic, diplomatic and military targets have been subject to attack in every country where AQ has a presence.

Note: Osama Bin Laden just before the Bush invasion of Iraq – typically ignored by the CIA – actually urged al-Qa’ida members to co- operate with the hated Baathists (Saddam Iraq troops) against US forces. This was the first call from al-Qa’ida to collaborate with other groups – hence al-Qa’ida units are fighting alongside other rebel organisations in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Mali and now Syria.

Stage 3: ‘The confrontation between the mujahideen and NATO expands throughout the region, engaging the West in a long term war of attrition. A jihad Triangle of Horror is created in Iraq, Syria and Jordan.’

The jihadis claim they have already won the war of attrition in Iraq and NATO have fared no better in Afghanistan: with the conflict in its eleventh year, the Taliban are back in control of more than two-thirds of the country.

Attacks inside Iraq have continued long after the departure of NATO troops, suggesting that Al Qaeda maintains a strong presence there: in May 2012 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon declared that Al Qaeda had managed to establish a stronghold in the Syrian revolution. Also in 2012, an AQ group in Jordan, led by Abu Mohammad al-Tahawi, renounced a previous commitment to nonviolence.

Note: (AQ are awaiting this NATO and US attack in Syria after the fall or transition of Bashar al Assad.)

Stage 4: ‘Al Qaeda becomes a global network, a set of guiding principles, an ideology, transcending national boundaries and making affiliation or enfranchisement exceptionally easy.’ This process has already begun, as outlined above as we will see in more detail later.

Stage 5: ‘The US, fighting on many fronts to maintain its oil supplies from the Middle East and to guarantee the security of Israel, is stretched beyond its limits and capabilities. The US military budget is crashed into bankruptcy and economic meltdown ensues.’

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has a long insisted that the war on America is economic aswell as military, frequently citing (the book) The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Yale historian Paul Kennedy, Kennedy’s thesis posits three major causes for the downfall of empires, based on historical observations, one, the spiralling costs associated with an expanding military presence around the world, two, the costs of ensuring security at home, three, powerful competition in trade and commerce. All of these can be said to apply to America today and it is a striking coincidence that the amount of the US deficit ($1.3 trillion) exactly equates with the amount spent in the end of 2011, on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan together with ‘enhanced security.’

Stage 6: ‘The overthrow of the hated Arab dictators and the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate throughout the Middle East’.

The strong participation of the Islamists in the Arab Springs, both among the rebel forces in Libya and the post-revolutionary landscape regionally, was as unanticipated as the revolutionary events themselves. It is not inconceivable that the islamist parties will prevail in elections across the region, setting a new political default system with unknown consequences. The Taliban already refer to the whole of Afghanistan as an ‘Islamic emirate’ and several emirates have been established across the Middle East in areas where the jihadis hold sway – in southern Yemen, for example, or the Sahel (in Mali).

Stage 7: ‘The ultimate clash of civilizations and a mighty, apocalyptic battle between the “Crusaders” and the “Believers” (Muslims) which is won by the latter (Muslims) who then establish a global caliphate.’

However far-fetched this may seem, this is what Al Qaeda, its allies and its affiliates believe, and this is what they are fighting for. Al Qa’idah (AQ) seemingly has the resources to maintain a relentless onslaught.

All this is AQ’s plan for 2020 (only 6 and a half years from now, and events are occurring quicker than expected due to the ‘Arab Springs’.)

AQ Chapter 2:

In late 2011 till early 2013 : Jabhat al Nusra is the most trained of all rebel groups in Syria, it is the most disciplined, and is the best financed. It is also the biggest affiliate brand of AQ in the world. al Nusra has been the Special Forces and Vanguard for all major operations in Syria. Although other Syrian groups may disagree with some strictness it upholds (i.e. No smoking allowed for its soldiers, and Islamic Hudood [legal punishments], and its war against America) – they still respect it for its services, discipline and sacrifices.

How does Jabhat and AQ affiliates work?

Individual level:

AQ, when active in places of strong members presence, recruit men who are:

i – proven to be committed in the fight beforehand (they might have been from another fighting militia before),

ii – of a good moral character,

iii – have 2 witnesses (possibly from the group itself) who can vouch for the trustworthiness of the individual wanting to join.

Each individual who joins should not tell his real name for security reasons, and should also have a new fake Kunya (nickname like: Abu [name] (Father of…) i.e. Abu Ali) etc.


Combat Training

Fighters must learn how to use weapons and explosives as a basic part of their paramilitary duties. Training comes in three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced, and will take many long years of training and experience to reach the advanced levels.

Basic Training

• Weapons parts familiarization. • Basic rifle firing.
• Throwing hand grenades.
• Laying and fusing landmines.

• Firing rocket-propelled grenades.
• Suppressing fire and firing on the move. • Cover and concealment.
• Basic camouflage.

Intermediate Training

• Mortars and rockets.
• Advanced rifle and grenade use.
• Rifle-mounted grenade launchers.
• Battle tactics.
• Leadership.
• Terrorist tradecraft in foreign countries.
• Basic improvised explosive devices and booby traps.

Advanced Training

• Urban battle tactics.
• Advanced battle tactics.
• Close-quarters combat (CQC).
• Sniper and long-rifle skills.
• VIP close protection.
• Advanced improvised explosive devices.
• Advanced bomb building.
• Commercial books or “how-to” military manuals.

Bomb-making manuals:  Poor Man’s James Bond, Anarchist Cookbook.

• Weapons components and repair manuals.

• Improvised weapons and silencer construction.

• Chemical explosives formulas.

European and Western Muslims in Syria: Western governments have reported that over 500 Muslims have left their countries of residence to join the struggle in Syria against the Bashar al Assad regime. The governments are afraid that the European Muslims will learn combat skills abroad by extremist groups and begin to cause destruction in the West once they return.

The background behind this is because counter-terrorism experts say that non-practising Muslims usually be parts of drug gangs, and drug gangs have access to people who sell weapons and guns. Once such a Muslim becomes a ‘practising/adhering’ Muslim and starts to follow Islam, they see that Western powers are at war with Muslim countries. With this person knowing where to get weapons from (from drug dealers contacts’), he may become extreme enough to commit acts of terrorism to seek revenge against his government. Similarly, any Muslim who has gone abroad in warzones may become radicalized and learn how to make explosives. He may then commit terrorism in the European, Australian or American country after he returns.

The governments are in a strong dilemma as to what they can do to those Muslims who return back from warzones. They have arrested a few Muslims who did return from Syria already, but they still need laws to make it a crime. Below are some proposals which have been made and in some cases implemented:

* Keep a close eye on extremist groups training camps, and also on social networks. If a person adds photos of themself on Facebook with members of an extremist group, then that is a clear proof that you will be jailed when you return. (A Muslim convert called Eric Harroun who took photos with Jabhat al Nusra while holding guns, and adding his pics on Facebook has been jailed when he returned to the USA. He could even get a life sentence in jail). [April 2013 ]

* Theresa May in the UK proposed (April 2013 ) that UK residents who train in terrorist training camps should have their passports revoked/cancelled, even if they were born in the UK. There are cases in Somali where Muslim youth accused of joining Harakat al-Shabab al Mujahideen (an Islamist Jihadi group) had a letter sent to the boys parents house, it said their son’s nationality in the UK had been removed. Some time later, it was found he had been captured in secret prisons, then extradited to the USA. He was not a UK citizen anymore, so the British government had no responsibility to try to free him from the US government. Other ‘ex’-UK citizens have been killed in Somalia through drones for allegedly joining al-Shabab.

* In Australia it is a crime to fight war in another country for any group whatsoever. Nearly all Western countries are hoping to introduce this law to prevent people from joining resistance groups in other countries.

* A Muslim man from California, in his 20s was arrested (in April 2013 ) for wanting to join Jabhat al Nusra. He joined a ‘Jihadi recruiting’ website (made by undercover FBI agents) and told them he had no combat experience, but he still wanted to join them in Syria ‘to help the Ummah’ (Muslim nation). He was arrested and may spend upto 20years in prison for intending to ‘provide material support to terrorists’. AQ does not recruit people online, it only gives ‘guidance’ through general articles online, and expects people to do ‘lone wolf’ (individual) attacks in countries who are at war with Muslims, or the recruits would join AQ directly in a Muslim land like Syria where they have a strong presence. In the West (or where AQ has a small presence), AQ does not recruit random people for its own security and safety, and if some individual did, they would either be a really ignorant Muslim who doesn’t understand security, or a spy who wants to see how you respond and ‘set you up’ so you also become a spy (through blackmail), or the alternative which is prison.

If Muslims travel to other countries for such purposes, then it is better if they always keep a low profile, and that they do not return. They should keep a low profile avoid video recordings of themselves which could be uploaded by anyone on Youtube and recognised by governments. Families who have relatives who have gone abroad should also not phone or electronically (email, phone, skype) them because it is likely that the conversations are being recorded and made as cases against you. The best method would not be suspicious from the beginning, and to travel abroad and then find methods to communicate. The longer the Muslims delay in leaving the West, the more difficult it would be for them in the future.

 Small Cells:

Different groups fight in cells or squads, ranging from a few men (i.e. 3) to 10+ (depending on security.) If it is a big battle with less security needed, the numbers will increase accordingly.

 Financing comes from one source who sends it through a ‘middle person’ or organization who passes it onto another individual, which connects to a chain of a few more people for security till it reaches the Command and Control (leading) Cell. The finance and money launderer is totally disconnected from other cells. All cells only contain 1 individual who will connect to another cell to collect intelligence or logistics, this is because the less people who know – the better it is for the secrecy of the overall cell.

The Cells and their Roles in Iraq during the US invasion in 2003:

In Arabic,, these are called al-Liwaa` (Battalions):

Command Cell – Aleadership group led by a cell leader, his deputy, an operations and planning officer.

Finance & Logistics Cell – Individuals who collect and distribute money, weapons and equipment for use in attacks.

Intelligence Cell – Small teams of fulltime or part-time insurgents or their family members who collect information about people as targets to be attacked.

IED Cell – Three man cells that rig and plant artillery shell IEDs or other improvised device to make roadside bombs that are usually detonated with a cellphone. These teams are highly effective.

Sniper Cell – Two man teams that patrol in cars or buildings and shoot American and Iraqi forces with Russian SVD sniper rifles.

Assassination Cell – Small one and two man teams that execute an assassination campaign against Iraqis in the new government or who work for the coali-tion.

VBIED Cell – The cell that steals or buys cars, hollows them out and rigs them with explosives. SVBIED Cell – A vehicle with a bomb followed by a second car with a video camera and/or

triggerman that detonates the SVBIED remotely.

Indirect Fire (IDF) Cell – The five or more mancells assigned to harass the Coalition with mortars and rockets.

Ambush Cell – A five to ten man unit that conducts rifle and RPG rocket ambushes on coalition forces on the roads or in urban areas.

MANPAD Cell – A five-man unit that ambushes low flying coalition helicopters or engages high flying coalition aircraft using Russian made surface-to-air missiles.

Slaughter Cell – A team that beheads or executes prisoners for propaganda and terror purposes.

Reference: Terrorist Recognition Handbook- Malcolm W Nance. (PDF p.406, real page 399.)

Cells would work together in sharing resources, but barely keep in contact just enough to fulfill missions. Members who didn’t need to communicate with other cell members would not, this would ensure security in case one member was caught (he wouldn’t’ know other cells’ names’.)

Communications: Messages will be conveyed to higher leadership through word of mouth messengers or through hand written letters, or hand held radios (walkie talkies), or in desperate situations by mobile phones and voice changing softwares. It is possible that thumb-USB drives, memory or sim cards may be used by commanders and members, but they should be destroyed as soon as they aren’t needed. Electric communication (like phone calls or emails) will NOT be used by the highest leadership (especially the highest Shura [decision making] council – where all the major decisions for the group are held.) This is to prevent the spy services from spying on any would-be electric communications.

If any person does want to meet up with a senior leader, he will have to speak to an AQ local commander, he will ask the reason and if he agrees, he will send the message which will be passed on through a chain of couriers belonging to the organization. If the leader agrees, the leaders will decide a date, place and time for the appointment. The person will then be blind-folded and taken via a circular route to an unknown location by guards, he will then be strip-searched for tracking and spy devices, and will also be interrogated and lie-tested to see the reason for why he wants to visit. If you seems genuine, you will then be blind-folded again and taken via a circular route to the new location where the AQ senior leader is, and he will be accompanied by many armed men who are extremely loyal to him. The blindfold will then be removed, and any discussion can then take place.

Many members will never meet the leadership of the AQ organisation they belong to, for security reasons. They are simply doing a job of defending their nation and religion, being payed to support their families, and hoping for reward from God if they are killed to make God’s guidance (of Islam) the highest.

This simple procedure is part of their strategy to make it easier to recruit more people quickly and easily. It seemed it worked because Jabhat al Nusra is now (early 2013 ) one of the biggest AQ affiliates in the world with large numbers of men and land. [it comes only 2nd to the Taliban in Afghanistan who also pay part time fighters of the Muslim-Afghan population]………………



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